Cider like it used to taste!

All our cider and perry is made using nothing but traditionally pressed juice and plenty of patience. The fruit pressed in the autumn is not ready to drink until the following summer. Due the nature and scale of this craft cider business we do run out and not all of the ciders are available all the year round! Enjoy it when you get the chance!

As the fruit is gathered from several rather old and wild orchards the apple crops vary each year, which means that the ciders do too! Whilst careful blending creates ciders of similar character each year, they will always be a little different, reflecting the uniqueness of the season in which they were pressed.

Tyndale Gold, Medium, 4.8%

Named after Tyndale Monument that stands proud on the hill above North Nibley gazing out over the orchards from which the fruit is picked. Light refreshing session cider made from a combination of bittersweet cider apples blended with some desert fruit from orchards in and around North Nibley.

Wild Side, Medium, 5.8%

Naturally fermented with wild yeast and matured for 18 months to provide the full and funky bittersweet flavour of a real, traditional cider. Blended using fruit picked from Shepperdine and Newport. Take a drink on the Wild Side!

Berkeley Vale, Medium, 6.2%

A full bodied cider with the big bold flavours that can only be obtained from full on bittersweet cider apples. Picked from orchards in the Berkeley Vale from Oldbury all the way up to Framilode.

Monument, Medium, 6%

A one off cider pressed and blended especially for Nibley Festival. Using fruit picked in and around North Nibley this cider is fermented and matured in oak barrels for a rich rounded flavour. Great with music and sunshine!

Wild Perry, Medium, 5.2%

Traditional perry made using pears hand picked from ancient perry trees in some of Gloucestershire’s more wild orchards in Eastington, Blancheworth and North Nibley. A true flavour of the summer.

On cider

Cider is our national drink. As a product of our native landscape a huge range of cider has been made over many generations from the hundreds of apple varieties that have been lovingly cultivated. As wine is almost all imported and today beers often use ingredients from all around the world cider, at least ‘real’ cider, can boast to be the only mainstream drink which truly reflects and celebrates the regional differences in soils, micro-climate, apple variety and cider-making technique.

For centuries cider was the currency of rural life in the West Country, forming part of the wages for farm labourers. Each farm would produce it’s own unique cider whose quality would determine the quality of the workforce. Good cider would attract good workers!

Despite enjoying a great resurgence in popularity, the majority of ciders on offer today bear little resemblance to their traditional ancestors. Large scale cider production strives towards uniformity through an array of chemical additives and complex, energy intensive processes. The product of fermented glucose combined with a minimum of 30% imported apple concentrate can still be sold under the name cider!

Cider at is best should be simple – selecting the right balance of apples from mature, unsprayed orchards which are hand selected only when perfectly ripe, the juice from which should have the addition of only one magical ingredient – time! This results in a drink that embodies the character of the apples, soils and the cider maker whilst reflecting the variations in season. Capturing the sunshine of one year to be enjoyed in the sunshine of the next.