Over the last 10 years I have been asked by WI, Garden Clubs, British Royal Legion and others “Do you do talks?”, I now have a  range of talks on the following subjects:

  • Sustainability

What is sustainability and how does it affect the home Gardener? A talk on what we can do to support the environment without driving us mad.

  • Creating a Wildlife Pond in Your Garden

We have created a very successful wildlife pond on the nursery, this talk is about how you can create a pond in your garden.

  • Winter Colour

How you can add colour to the winter garden using plants, sculpture and lighting.

  • Setting up the nursery

How we started the nursery. The first years and coffee shop

  • Seasonal tips for late spring

What should you be doing now to keep the garden blooming through the rest of the year

  • Propagation

How plants breed and how to use this to your advantage, a practical demonstration on division, grafting, cuttings, soil types.

  • Olympic Park

From concept to design the making of the Queen Elizabeth Park. Following the trial beds at RHS Wisley through to the finished results today.

  • Designing a new border

A guide to how to design your new border, shape, height, plants, hard landscaping and style.

  • Landscape Development Plans

A talk for anyone building a house what you should and should not put in a landscape development plan.

I can develop a talk that your group requires, also a Q&A session if required.

Just give me a call on 07951 590057 /01449 768078 or email to book me in.

£100 per talk + mileage @ £1 per mile