Woodland Garden Spring 2016

Shaded areas within your garden can be some of the most difficult to deal with due to the lack of sufficient light to grow many of the blooming flowers we normally associate with the gardens in England.  Rather than try to fight with nature it is always far better to embrace the local environment.

 Within our small woodland garden we have tried to show what can be easily achieved within your own space.

Border Garden Spring 2016

 We originally thought about the Border Garden when we first arrived on site in 2009 and put the drive in place outside the root protection zones of the large native trees that lined the road.  However, we had some other things to do first, such as get the business up and running and put in place the infrastructure we needed to support our activities.

 A couple of years later we thought again and the temptation was to lay down some matting, to keep at bay the weeds and plant through the material. However, this time we decided to take an alternative approach of weed killing the endemic thistles and nettles, pull out the brambles for nearly two years before planting and mulching.

We are now coming into our third Spring and Summer following planting which you can now see by watching the video.