Step It Up By Ditching Corden

The new advert is excellent . They’ve replaced James Corden with Timothy Murphy and finished it off with Link Wray’s “Rumble”.

Sky Football’s scary season precursor reminds me of the zombies attacking Jerusalem in “World War Z” and is soundtracked by Dean Martin’s “Go Go Go Go”. I can’t embed it and it’s not on Youtube but you can watch it here.

Subway’s rocking horse Signature Wrap advert features Erock’s metal take on Rossini’s  William Tell Overture


Premier Inn – The Bridesmaid’s Tale, Another Annoying James Corden Confused.Com Ad, and HSBC’s brilliant Richard Ayaode Anti Brexit AdvertAdvert


Premier Inns have had a series of story adverts and the latest is The Bridesmaid’s Tale soundtracked by “Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC.

Janes Corden manages another annoying Confused.Com advert with music completely unrelated to his tediousness but Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” from their breakthrough album “Jailbreak” still sounds brilliant.

And we have to include the wonderful Richard Ayoade HSBC advert detailing the benefit of being part of something bigger and demonstrating the stupidity of Brexit soundtracked by Elgar’s “Nimrod” from the “Enigma Variations”