Halifax Ads Are Rubbish … But The Have Produced Classics

We know how rubbish Halfax Ads are. The lastest kids cartoon one and the Wizard of Oz one are almost in the Shake’n’VAc awful class. However Halifax Ireland produced at least two classic adverts, which I will share below.

First is the “Top Cat” advert, which is borderline pathetic. This series is even worse that their previous “Howard” series, athough Howard himself was one.

Next is the Irish “Rockit” Dance Off featuring Bubba Sparxxx “Ms New Booty” and finishing with Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”, this one shows how good they could be.

Finally you get the absolute class “Ballroom Blitz” gang fight featuring The Sweet’s classic. Unfortunately I’m unaware of this series continuing.


Apologies for the video quality of the Halifax Ireland ones but they still beat the hell out of Halifax England ones.


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