Skoda Karoq #MakeYourOwnMusic Samsung Galaxy S9 The Camera ReImagined

Skoda’s Karoq is going with Paloma Faith’s acapella performance of “Make Your Own Kind of Music” with the hashtag #makeyourownkindofmusic

The Samsung Galaxy S9 – The Camera. Reimagined features “Get Stupid by Aston Merrygold

Start Your Impossible … A Wonderful Toyota Ad Series

I saw this on The Last Leg Paralympic Special And was moved by it, absolutely beautiful and uplifting. Who would theing you could say that about a car advert, but watch it , enjoy , maybe shed a tear and watch the others. Concentrate on people’s Abilities not their disabilities.

The song is “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been (Piano edit)” by Kaleena Zanders which you can get from Amazon here or itunes here.

OVO Go Metal with Slayer

The new OVO advert features Slayer’s Raining Blood and is a rather good promotion for renewable energy. I’ve been with them for five years and if you want to give them a try you can sign up here.

DFS have been using “A Swingin’ Safari” by Bert Kaempfert in many of their adverts , here’s one from Summer 2017.

People have come here looking for Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” one of my mum’s favourite pieces with has been used by Sky (Penguins) and Alliance and Leicester but I don’t have a copy of the adverts.

Clicking on the links will give you the options to download the music.

A Few More Guinness Classics

In was a Guinness advert that made me start the original site, that and teaching myself .Net but I cannot find that ad that was soundtracked by Prince Buster’s excellent “Burke’s Law“, when I do I will share it with you.

So here is the “Fish on a Bicycle” Add from 1996 soundtracked by Mitzi Gaynor’s “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair”

The we have the “Rhythm of Life” by Sammy Davis Jnr from 2005 featuring the Guinness evolution.

And finally the “Dancing Man” from 1994. The music is “Guaglione” by Perez ‘Prez’ Prado.

Premier Inn – The Bridesmaid’s Tale, Another Annoying James Corden Confused.Com Ad, and HSBC’s brilliant Richard Ayaode Anti Brexit AdvertAdvert


Premier Inns have had a series of story adverts and the latest is The Bridesmaid’s Tale soundtracked by “Mundian To Bach Ke” by Panjabi MC.

Janes Corden manages another annoying Confused.Com advert with music completely unrelated to his tediousness but Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” from their breakthrough album “Jailbreak” still sounds brilliant.

And we have to include the wonderful Richard Ayoade HSBC advert detailing the benefit of being part of something bigger and demonstrating the stupidity of Brexit soundtracked by Elgar’s “Nimrod” from the “Enigma Variations”

Guinness – Surfer Horses – Greatest Advert Ever?


I have to include this advert the Guinness Surfer Horses advert from 1999  which is probably the greatest TV advert ever soundtracked by Leftfield’s “Phat Planet”. The black and white imagery and Neptune’s See Horses are an image that no one will forget.

I’m going to manually build theis blog with classics for the past as well as current adverts, but I a still learning WordPress so it may be a slow process.

Here’s the Phil Collins Gorilla advertisisng Cadbury’s Dairy Milk from 2007.  I know Phil Collins is not everyone’s cup of tea but he is a great drummer and “In The Air Tonight” is a minimalist masterpiece.

McDonalds Big Mac – First Time


I’m going to do this as a blog and will add videos and links to songs.

I’d posted a dump from the old site and I need to get that into this site.


Anyway McDonalds Big Mac First time is using “New Sensation” by INXS that you can get by clicking though on the name

These will get better as I get the hand of this and I will look at making my 5K Ad archive available