A new hope

After some years away from blogging regularly I have decided to get back into it. My livejournal is (thankfully) long gone, my blogspot is beyond saving, and my tumblr is stuck in limbo after an account error.

So back to my main website I return.

My plan is to blog once a week (though I will likely fail at this). Initially I’m keeping it simple, but as I get back into it I may blog more often, share more of the digital tools I use on a daily basis.

Book reviews

I read quite a lot of books. Practically anything that is recommended to me I will read. I have recently asked people at CARE to recommend some of their favourite books, and will start to review those here.

Best of the blogosphere and Twitter

I follow maybe 100 blogs, not including the people on Twitter, and I am going to start highlighting what I think are likely to be seminal or thought-changing (what the current book I am reading would obnoxiously call a ‘paradigm shift’) blogs, videos and ideas.

In particular the blogs I follow tend to focus on:

  • Economics
  • International development
  • Campaigning
  • Online communities

Tools and creations

As a Digital Officer at CARE International UK I regularly change the tools I use, my methods of working, and I am constantly troubleshooting obscure problems.

I’ll be posting some the useful tools, odd creations, and hard-won fixes and workarounds for digital tools I use. For the moment that will likely be experiences from using Engaging Networks, Sprout Social and Google Analytics as I am using those most frequently.

The caveats

All opinions on this blog are my own and I often make mistakes. If I post anything that looks wrong to you, let me know on ian@iangoggin.com.