About HALO Recharge Weekends

UK and Worldwide | Service currently on hold but hope to offer again in the future

During the weekend you will stay in a hand-picked stylish location at some of the world’s most beautiful settings where you will have a chance to take an amazing spiritual journey of self-discovery and relaxation.

These relaxing short breaks are designed to give you an opportunity to make the necessary changes in your life and clear any obstacles which may have prevented you from moving forward.

What happens on a Halo Recharge Weekend?

We will provide a full schedule of analogue relaxation, which could include:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • therapeutic art sessions
  • sound bath
  • energy healing
  • spa treatments
  • 1-2-1 mindfulness and meditation session

HALO Recharge Weekend Testimonials

‘My Halo recharge weekend experience with Makeda Bernard has truly been amazing. I feel so privileged to have spent 3 days with her. My outlook on life has changed.
The healing I received was transformative and I came away feeling brand new and rejuvenated. I was able to remove all the mental blocks and negative thinking I couldn’t let go of on my own. I really enjoyed the daily guided meditation, it was beautiful and peaceful.’

Nutan Limbachia,
Recharge Weekend – Cotswolds

‘I can vouch for Makeda Bernard 100% – a pure light soul who gives intuition love and healing that feels right for you at that moment. A gift that she shares with the most harmonious and delicious voice and smile.’

Gill Kirkham,
Rare Event

‘I just wanted to say thank you! You have helped me turn myself around. The energy and love you bring with you made it easy for me to learn and respond with my own growth. You are brilliant at seeing the wisdom and beauty in others and allowing them to see it in themselves! I got to know myself better and think about something lasting, Priceless. Huge love to you.’

Kuma San Ordained Buddhist,
Recharge Weekend – Cotswolds

‘My time with Makeda Bernard seemed like I was on a spiritual retreat… The intuitive coaching helped me to review my priorities. It was a real pleasure to meet Makeda and The Halo Family thank you for helping me rediscover myself… You are all wonderful, I have a new journey to look forward to now.’

Amanda Kavanagh,
Recharge Weekend – Cotswolds

About Makeda

Makeda Bernard is a mindfulness coach & meditation teacher based in Woolwich, South East London.

With a background in education, marketing and sales plus experience of working for large companies like Virgin and Whole Foods Market, Makeda understands the challenges of corporate world and uses this knowledge to support her clients.

Makeda tailors mindfulness and meditation programs both for groups and individuals to teach them about the importance of self-care and how they can achieve a better work life balance.

After receiving training from Makeda her clients report improved attention and concentration as well as a greater ability to complete set goals. Individuals who committed to ongoing training benefit from increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, enhanced and more balanced relationships with colleagues and spouses.