Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing

1 hour 30 mins session | £60

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing treatment uses a high vibrational healing energy and Selenite Crystals to transmute negativity and energy blocks from the physical body to alleviate stresses and blockages causing tension and dis-ease.

Opalescence LiGHt Healing

1 hour 30 mins session | £90

The Opalescence LiGHt Healing energy regenerates and revitalises, together with helping clear areas of discord from physical and emotional disorders. It calibrates & rebalances the body. The healing energy works on a cellular level.

“Makeda has a presence that is warm and calm; you feel as if you’re being enveloped in a huge, nurturing hug and leave feeling uplifted, positive and happy…”

Kathryn Green • The Cotswold Juice Company

How does it work?

This energy is passed to the client via the therapist using a light touch / hands on method where the therapist’s hands are placed on various parts of the client’s body. The client remains fully clothed.

Why this?

As this is the most powerful healing on the planet, less sessions are needed and benefits are more long term in comparison to other types of healing treatments. There are no medical side effects.

What can it do for me?

This energy can do many things such as:-

  • help you feel deeply relaxed
  • enable you to cope better with everyday stresses
  • reduce physical aches and pains
  • helps in letting go of built up emotions
  • a state of balance and well-being
  • passive meditation and centering
  • makes way for positive emotions & feelings of joy
What have others said?

HALO clients have reported:-

  • no longer suffering from depression
  • better sleep
  • improved confidence
  • increased movement in joints
  • reduction in leg pain and backache
  • having clearer thinking
  • feeling more calm about previously stressful things

About Makeda

Makeda Bernard is a mindfulness coach & meditation teacher based in Woolwich, South East London.

With a background in education, marketing and sales plus experience of working for large companies like Virgin and Whole Foods Market, Makeda understands the challenges of corporate world and uses this knowledge to support her clients.

Makeda tailors mindfulness and meditation programs both for groups and individuals to teach them about the importance of self-care and how they can achieve a better work life balance.

After receiving training from Makeda her clients report improved attention and concentration as well as a greater ability to complete set goals. Individuals who committed to ongoing training benefit from increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, enhanced and more balanced relationships with colleagues and spouses.