New to RPA?

New to Software Robotics, worry not…

…it’s not rocket science, it’s simply using software to communicate and interact with your back office applications through the user interface (GUI) on either the desktop or server.

Software robots or DataBots as we call them, do exactly what they are taught to do. A DataBot can type anything a human can type, read anything a human can read and make decisions based on what it finds.

We examine the existing business processes before suggesting the best way to automate them. Then we ‘train’ the robot to do exactly what you need it to do to pass information between systems, often performing the mundane and repetitive tasks that humans aren’t great at.

Remember the DataBots usually operate on virtual machines deep in the data centre, so systems are secure and data remains confidential.

When robotic technology is driven by e-Forms, digital pens or mobile devices, we have the breadth of experience necessary to look at a complete solution.