About us

We are DataBotics

With an unrivalled 15+ years experience of mobile and RPA technologies, DataBotics is ideally placed to make your project a success. Our experience includes Local Gov, NHS and Housing contracts, encompassing integration, migration, mobile devices, e-Forms and digital-pens. Back-office engagements include Academy, Capita One EMS, Civica APP, Contender, Electronic Staff Records, Liquidlogic, RiO and SystmOne.  Working with whatever technologies you are comfortable with, we can quickly make a difference.

  • Library of proven automation templates
  • Unrivalled experience
  • Methodical and forthright approach

Company Ethos

You will hear a lot of companies claiming to ‘Punch above their weight’. Here at DataBotics we don’t say that because we feel you don’t want to be tricked into thinking we are something we are not.

However, we will be attentive and reactive.

We aim to be honest and straight forward.

We will be personable and human but professional.

But most of all we will endeavour to make your interactions with us simple and your (or should we say, our joint) projects successful.

Our ambition is to enjoy what we do whilst making a difference in your business or organisation.

About Ian Pickering

Educated to degree level many, many years ago, Ian’s IT career spans five decades and involves every type of computer imaginable, from the humble Raspberry Pi through the ubiquitous IBM PC to vast mainframes (including a Cray!).  He claims to have seen everything in IT and possibly has.