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We pride ourselves on supplying the best and most cost-effective RPA, and Mobile development services.

Recognised experts in Robotic Process Automation and associated technologies.

Whilst we understand Information Technology, we won’t baffle you with science.  We will take the time to understand your business processes and then suggest the best way to modernise and automate them.  After working in the IT industry for nearly forty years, not much fazes us.

Mobile devices, e-Forms and the Microsoft Power Suite are the accepted, modern way to present and collect data.  But so often the data gets isolated.  When systems don’t interoperate, humans bridge the gap by copying/duplicating files, re-entering data, typing in e-Mails or simply cutting and pasting.

Software Robotics is the automated equivalent with the added advantage that DataBots (as we call them to avoid confusion) are tireless, accurate and reliable.  Furthermore, DataBots are secure, so the data remains confidential. If you are new to RPA and Software Robotics, click DataBot SAM below to learn more.

Working with Software Robots often takes us into complimentary technology such as Mobile applications and we are happy to get involved or advise as required.

Skilled to advanced level in UiPath, Blue Prism/Thoughtonomy and NDL Software toolsets and indeed conversant with most other modern RPA platforms and techniques, we are product agnostic. Where organisations have yet to invest in RPA, we can use our unprecedented knowledge of the market to advise on the best products and platforms to use for the task in hand.

Working predominantly, but not exclusively, with UK Local Government and the NHS, we are recognised for our direct and down-to-earth approach.

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